Hit BTC has been registered in the United Kingdom since 2015. With this cryptocurrency you are able to exchange US dollars, Euros and Great British pounds into BTC. The security at Hit BTC is great with a two factor authentication and a fantastic track record.

The price for trading can vary. If you trade straight away there will be a fee of 0.1%. Overall, Hit BTC is certainly a cryptocurrency you might want to get involved in.

What is HitBTC?

HitBTC is amongst some of the most advanced and most widely preferred Bitcoin exchanges on the web today, with the website claiming that it is in fact the most advanced around – this is a fairly bold claim with so many other sites and traders available now and specialising in cryptocurrency – but it remains to be said that it is one of the most appealing and important specialists around for investors.

HitBTC exchange protocols are easy to understand and the site is considered one of the friendliest available for new investors and those who may not have much in terms of experience behind them in cryptocurrency.

Other HitBTC review sites will likely point out that the brand focuses on allowing new investors to pick and choose from a wide range of currencies and to take advantage of the latest in exchange rates – with advanced monitoring and account management options likely helping to cement the site’s status as one of the most technically proficient and user-friendly on the web.

Having been around since 2013, the site has driven huge results for new and seasoned investors alike, though some may point out that HitBTC fees could be considered particularly pricey for those who are just starting out.

Verification, too, may require a little bit of time and dedication to navigate around – but as those who support the site will tell you, all of these steps and measures are certainly worthwhile working your way through.

Customer support is widely available, however, meaning that you’ll be able to seek all of the help you need should you be finding the processes and terms here particularly difficult to navigate.

What Can I Buy with HitBTC?

The site currently trades in Bitcoin – of course – as well as cryptocurrency elsewhere in Litecoin and Ethereum.  These options are available for those who are particularly invested in – well – investment!

Ethereum is thought to be on the rise and rise just as Bitcoin is on the up and up, too – and once you’re registered and ready to go here, you can take advantage of trading in a handful of popular cryptocurrencies should you already be comfortable in doing so.

Registering is nice and easy – but when it comes to passing verification, this might take a little more time.

Take advantage of the site’s brilliant HitBTC demo mode to really get to grips with things – you don’t have to leap straight into things unless you feel fully confident – and this demo makes for a perfect free playground so that you can ‘buy’ stock and see how they perform over the days and weeks with absolutely no risk to your available capital.

When it comes to perfecting cryptocurrency investment, it never hurts to practice – consider how some of the biggest and most successful investors online made their money – it doesn’t happen overnight!  Take advantage of some of the most intricate cryptocurrency purchasing models and get verified at HitBTC.

How to Use HitBTC

Getting started can take some time, but don’t forget that there is a wide community of traders and excellent customer support available should you need a helping hand along the way.  Before you can buy a single penny in Bitcoin, however, you’re going to need to get yourself registered and verified.  Here is a short step-by-step guide to how to get started and up and running here:

  1. Simply register on-site for a free account which will supply you with minimal access to the site and its various features. From here, if you wish to really take advantage of the best that the site and its features have to offer, you’re going to need to submit yourself for verification.  There are various levels of verification here, all of them weighted depending upon how much you wish to trade in future.
  2. Generally, if you wish to get verified, you’ll need to submit a number of details to HitBTC customer support directly through compliance@hitbtc.com with a request for verification. Make sure you have your registered email address to hand and supply the following data to the team in the body of the text or attached:
    1. Your registered address
    2. Personal data registered as part of your issued identification
    3. Your bank details (if applicable)
    4. Bank account proof
    5. Residential proof

It’s important to make sure that any proof you send for identification is offered on a paper-based letterhead and not on an electronic basis as the site will not accept such proof.

  1. You can verify your account on one of three different levels depending on how much you are wishing to invest and withdraw long-term. General, Verified and Qualified levels are available – and we’ll cover a little more on how much you can withdraw at each of these levels a little further down.
  2. From here, once you’re registered and verified, simply login and buy Bitcoin or Ethereum as you see fit – it can take some time and a little effort to get started here, but those who have been registered with the site for some time will likely tell you that it is worth the time and effort that you put in. Buying Bitcoin instantly here is easy – and you can be sure to benefit from some of the web’s most comprehensive cryptocurrency investment tools with just a little bit of effort providing that you have the identification and capital behind you.

Maximum and Minimum Deposits with HitBTC

Limits on deposits here will depend, of course, on the verification level that you opt for – general accounts will, for example, allow you to both deposit freely and withdraw up to 5000 EUR per day in your chosen cryptocurrency – though FIAT transactions are not available at this level.

If you’re interested in withdrawing more or accessing FIAT, you should consider applying for a Verified or Qualified account.

Verified accounts will allow you to withdraw up to a boosted 25,000 in cryptocurrency daily, while you’ll also be able to take away 2,000 a week in FIAT (10,000 per month).

Qualified tier accounts will allow you to go well beyond this – meaning that if you’re a seasoned investor and are particularly steeped in cryptocurrency, it may well be worth aiming for the upper limits.

There’s no minimum deposit limit here for cryptocurrency – great news for anyone who is looking to get started.

How secure is HitBTC?

If you are looking to buy Bitcoin for the first time, it’ll likely be good news for you that HitBTC exchange systems will allow you to buy and trade with the utmost in safety and security.

Two-step verification here along with updated protocols will allow you to trade with your bank account or card with ease – though you’ll need to make sure you set up advanced security in your site settings should you wish to really protect your account and activities.

HitBTC review sites elsewhere will also advise that the site has security at the very heart of its processes – particularly as the verification system is amongst some of the trickier to traverse unless you genuinely mean business when it comes to trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum!

You don’t need to worry about the safety of your details and trading that you undertake here, as all users are subjected to verification and thorough application before starting – and the site is also meticulous in its protection of registered data and any money that travels throughout.

The site is also noted to be particularly resilient against attacks – meaning that this could well be one of the more secure and trustworthy websites for trading, full stop.

How Long Does It Take?

Waiting time here, too, is particularly competitive.  The site is one of the most advanced and comprehensive as well as the easiest to use – but you can also rest assured that you can receive any cryptocurrency you purchase within just a few days.

While some of the bigger sites around may allow you to withdraw a little quicker, you will generally be able to see any cryptocurrency you invest in returned to you within twenty business days.

This can seem like a little bit of a stretch, but it’s worthwhile remembering that this is not necessarily your average trading site – it’s one with an emphasis on advanced trading, and with that, many people continue to pay the fees and wait for transfers in return for expert Bitcoin assistance.

It can take up to fourteen business days for you to fund your account in full – again, fairly extensive for some users, particularly those who are just getting started in cryptocurrency investment – but for those who are investing on a larger scale, such waiting times are largely worth it.

Before registering for HitBTC it is well worth trying the HitBTC demo engine – see how much money you can make without having to cast any of your own cash into the fray.  Give the demo a go and see how well you do – but do be aware that you may need to pass considerable verification before you can get started.

9.2 Total Score

Hit BTC is a is a great site to use when trading cryptocurrency. Make sure you sign up today to make sure you receive the best prices.

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  • Good for people who are new to cryptocurrency
  • Customer Support isn't as good as it could be.
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