Coinmama is a great brand which can help make cryptocurrency easy. You can buy cryptocurrency easily with no fuss. The site is easy to navigate around and you can earn great investments from signing up to this site.

What Is Coinmama?

Coinmama review sites will likely lead with claims that there has been controversy since the site’s setup in 2013 that certain machinations behind the scenes may not be as honest as they appear – however, the site has continued to offer Bitcoin and Ethereum purchases to buyers throughout the world with little issue, offering a good level of security and a number of customer support avenues should you need any particular advice.

Buying Bitcoin can be a little tricky at first if you are completely new to cryptocurrency and their value, however, this is one of many sites which largely makes purchasing, trading and regular funds administration a walk in the park – a definite must-try for all who are just getting into the idea of cryptocurrencies.

The main appeals here include the famous Coinmama buying limit, which is amongst the highest available for you to take advantage of online.  Beyond this, the support network is excellent – making it one of the best websites to sign up with if you are looking to take on cryptocurrency for the first time.

Entry level Bitcoin trading can be hard to come across as the currency has been around for so long now – but with this well-established site offering a range of different options as well as intuitive design and account management options, there’s little reason why you would go away confused from making a few purchases here.

As always, it’s very important to read into various terms and conditions that come attached with any service that requires you to supply your personal data and capital – and we will be taking the time to use this Coinmama review to establish the good, the bad and everything in between.

What Can I Buy with Coinmama?

The site trades in the two major cryptocurrencies currently seeing market surges right now, meaning that you can take advantage of trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Ethereum is not as well-known as Bitcoin at the moment, though it is thought to be on the rise in becoming more and more lucrative.

Mining farms are being set up globally to help tap into the virtual reserves of this currency and it is well worth taking advantage of buying at competitive rates while you can.  Coinmama registration will allow you to take advantage of some of the best rates and the most easily accessible management and trading systems available to newbie traders.

What’s more, there’s plenty to see for seasoned marketing pros, too – meaning that there’s no need to lumber the site with a ‘newbies only’ tag.

Purchasing is incredibly simple and while there are a range of tiers to navigate here depending upon the amount of money you wish to make from the service and the amount of capital and interest you are able to personally invest, consider that all of these options are available to you from the word go – meaning that you can effectively mount a campaign to invest like no one has before you if that’s what you really wish for!

How to Use Coinmama

Coinmama registration is dead easy.

Take yourself to the main site and register your details as well as a username and password, as you would with any other website – and from there, you’ll be asked to provide a number of different details about yourself, such as your identity and your nationality – and do be advised that you may be required to supply additional proof or data if so required.

Do be ready to supply such information if requested!

Once registered, you’ll be able to log into your account and visit the main landing page, where you can then choose to visit a number of different account management options and make purchases in the cryptocurrency you wish.

Whether you wish to purchase Bitcoin from Coinmama or Ethereum if you fancy taking advantage of the newer trends in the markets, simply click the relevant link and you will be taken to a page where you can supply your payment information and buy as much or as little as you prefer, based upon your current site ranking (a little more on this further down).

When it comes to buying Bitcoin or Ethereum outright, you’ll be presented with pre-built packages of coins offering you certain value and various deals, or you can manually slide to choose how much you’d like to buy with your given currency.

If you’re interested in purchasing with a card, you may be required to finish completing your site profile – which, while not only a bad thing to do on the whole, is also worth doing if you wish to increase the amount of money you’ll be permitted to withdraw at any given time.

Do also be aware that Coinmama fees roll in at 6.3% per transaction, meaning that it may well be prudent to buy more sooner rather than later if you are looking to make things particularly economical.

Coinmama Maximum and Minimum Deposits

Coinmama account limits are reasonably tiered, meaning that you can take advantage of upper withdrawal thresholds based on your particular verification status.  This means that the more verified your account is, the more likely the site will allow you to exchange for.

This is why supplying your data is always worth doing, and you can at least be assured that this is a site with your security and privacy in mind as optimum.

Unverified accounts are those which are registered, but not yet verified – funnily enough!

To verify your account, you’ll need to supply minimal ID.  This will allow you to unlock the ability to freely trade in Bitcoin and Ethereum, meaning that it’s essential to do so if you are to get anything at all out of the site!

Supply a simple ID card, driving licence or passport to get access to up to $10,000 (based at the US rate) in withdrawal in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

To reach Level 2 verification, you simply need to supply more data – and you can’t do this unless you have already passed basic verification to get to the standard Level 1.

Here, you’ll need to supply further proof that you are who you say you are – this means submitting a proof of your residence, such as a utility bill, and a selfie – believe it or not – of you holding the official, recognised ID you have already supplied.

These uploads will provide you with access to an increased limit of $50,000, five times that which you were able to trade up to previously.

Level 3 is the highest ranking and the site states that there is absolutely no limit to how much you can trade – meaning that you could stand to cast over a million dollars for Bitcoin should you wish!

Additional verification here means simply appealing to the site’s support staff outright – request for an extension to your trading limit and your request may be honoured – though do be prepared to supply further ID before you get access to the upper echelons of Coinmama verification.

Is Coinmama Secure?

Coinmama security is well-regarded and all of your details, activity and financial details will be kept safe and secure throughout your activity here.

This is great news both for newbie traders and for those who have been buying and selling for some time – and while some traders may be put off by Coinmama fees, others will be comforted by the fact that the site offers a range of interesting packages through a secure and safeguarded site which requires you to undergo thorough checks before being allowed to trade in full.

Coinmama verification is airtight and their security system is no different – this is a site that cares about your security and, at the time of writing, there have been no known breaches on the platform for all of the years it has been running.  If security is at the top of your list of priorities, this is a brand to seriously consider.

How Long Does It Take?

Coinmama withdrawal times are amongst the most appealing online right now, particularly as there is an option for you to withdraw your Bitcoin straight to your specific wallet (which you’ll need to set up before you start trading in any cryptocurrency).

What’s more, you can withdraw to cards if you prefer – and the transfer time here is of course guaranteed to be far smoother and speedier than that which you may expect from other sites and exchanges offering bank transfer options.

While Coinmama may not offer the exchange facilities that some of the bigger sites online pride themselves on, it’s well worth remembering that the limits and withdrawal times here do more than supply enough faith in their users.

It’s also well-loved by those who are simply looking to withdraw back to their cryptocurrency wallets, meaning that they can effectively buy and retrieve their cash within hours – indicating that this is a site that is set up for Bitcoin and Ethereum enthusiasts who are genuinely passionate about trading.  One to watch, we say confidently!

9.5 Total Score

Create an account with Coinmama today to be a part of the 500,000 customers that have already joined and start your cryptocurrency investments now!

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  • Easy to use
  • Buy crypto currency for great value
  • Over 500,000 customers
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