At Coinbase you can enjoy safe cryptocurrency transactions that are simple to get your head around. Sometimes buying and selling digital currency can be difficult, but at Coinbase the team make it as easy as possible for you.

It is an app (both accessible by web browser and smartphone) which allows you to purchase some of the most popular coins, which makes it s great platform if you’re just getting started with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

What Is Coinbase Exchange?

Coinbase Exchange is widely known worldwide as the biggest broker in Bitcoin on the planet – offering a huge amount for scope for purchasing Bitcoin at competitive rates.  As the biggest broker in the game, the brand is well known for being extremely well backed and for offering almost unparalleled security online.

The firm has $100 million in financial backing and it has become the go-to site through which you can buy Bitcoin safely, securely and at a rate that won’t see you out of pocket.

Largely opted for by both experienced hands in the Bitcoin exchange as well as those who are just starting to dip their toes into the cryptocurrency water, buyers from all over the world opt for a Coinbase sign in so that they can keep on top of fluctuating markets and to ensure that they make the right investments.

If you’re looking to buy Bitcoin instantly but are unsure where to start, this site is inarguably one of the most helpful to new buyers.

Cryptocurrency can be a bit mindboggling at first, but the fact that Bitcoin is on the rise and rise should more than influence your decision whether or not to sign up and start purchasing some of the most valuable currency on the world markets today.

Bitcoin may have been on the scene for a while now, but it’s never been more valuable – meaning that there’s never been a better time to start thinking about investing, and doing so with a safe and trusted broker like Coinbase Exchange.

What Can I Buy with Coinbase Exchange?

Coinbase Exchange allows you to gain access to some of the best rates available for Bitcoin on the planet.  As a result, it’s seen as one of the best places to trade in the currency online – and it’s the main cryptocurrency to invest in here.

Buy Bitcoin based on your bank details safely, securely and without fear of losing out on those brilliant rates of exchange.  What’s more, the site is certainly favoured by those just starting out in the exchange thanks to its brilliant interface and helpful guides.

Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency to and invest and trade in – and the site has therefore decided to push it to the fore.

You can purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum through the site, both of which are still very much on the rise – one of the benefits of purchasing through here is the fact that you can connect your bank account or cards seamlessly to your login and set up repeat purchases on a regular basis.

This will certainly save you from having to login and authorise a purchase on each and every occasion!  You can set up automated transfer to Bitcoin or Ethereum as you see fit – meaning that you can effectively make sure that your investments run off their own steam without you needing to put much effort in.

With this brief overview out of the way, it’s time to consider how to actually use the site to your advantage!

How Do You Use Coinbase Exchange?

Purchasing cryptocurrency through the site is refreshingly simple if you have attempted wading into the world of Bitcoin in the past – providing you keep a close eye on the movements of the markets and understand quite how much you’re getting for your money, you’ll find tapping into this fantastic resource nothing less than a breeze.

Here’s our step by step guide to buying with Coinbase, from signing up right through to making that all-important first investment.

  1. First, register securely with the site and confirm your ID if you are asked to – this means that you may need to scan up or photograph proof of your photo ID or personal identification such as your drivers’ licence or passport. Once checks have been completed and everything is verified, login and start taking advantage of the site.
  2. Login to your account and check out the various account management options available – where you’ll be able to fine-tune the site’s various settings and standards for your own browsing preferences as well as to ensure that you have a relevant payment method allocated for your needs.
  3. Click ‘Payment Methods’ to start adding your preferred choice of funding – here, you’ll be able to use a credit card, a debit card or to link your bank account directly – meaning that you can effectively lock in your most commonly-used funding method for frequent, automated transfers in future.
  4. If you’re adding in a credit or debit card, be sure to have a MasterCard or Visa to hand – and have all of your normal details ready to fill out the form to save to your account. Confirm your details on the site and save them for easy access in future.

From here, you can proceed to start buying Bitcoin on the site – what you’re here for, let’s face it!  Head to ‘Buy’ and enter in exactly how much you’d like to buy along with an up-to-date exchange rate letting you know exactly what you stand to get.

You’ll then be able to click to buy and transfer your preferred amount to your online wallet.

Coinbase Exchange Maximum and Minimum Deposits

Huge limits on how much you can purchase from the site make it massively popular – this means that European customers can purchase up to 30,000 EUR and US visitors can purchase up to $50,000 worth of Bitcoin per day.

This is an incredible upper limit – meaning that it will likely appeal to those who are really serious about making big investments in cryptocurrency.  For those who are worried about buying in small amounts, you can start purchasing as little as 1 USD, EUR or GBP – or any other currency – in the respective Bitcoin exchange rate.

This, again, goes to show exactly why this site is massively preferred by those who are just starting out in cryptocurrency investment, and provides more than a useful jumping-off point for those who may be concerned about just how much they wish to invest.

For those who are used to trading online and whom are in need of some serious buying power, the upper limits here will be particularly welcoming.

Is Coinbase Exchange Secure?

To buy Bitcoin instantly here, you’ll obviously be looking for secure transfer that is fast and assured.  Buying cryptocurrency needn’t be difficult and really needn’t be a case of risking your cash – which is, again, why this particular site is appealing to a vast number of different investors at various levels of their Bitcoin game.

The site is fully backed by trusted investors and its popularity as well as status in the online investment game means that security is guaranteed each and every transaction – though it is worth bearing in mind that you will need to submit a number of security and identification details should you wish to benefit from regular transfers here.

As the world’s largest Bitcoin specialists, it’s hardly surprising that the brand puts safety and security at the forefront of everything it does.

However, some review sites do suggest that it may track some users’ Bitcoin purchases – meaning that it is well worth looking into the site’s full privacy and terms of use statements before getting started.

As it stands, however, the site is amongst some of the safest and most reputable on the web – making it an ideal starting point for those investors who aren’t too sure about how to make the best possible decisions in their purchases.

How Long Does It Take?

Transfer time from the site is generally very speedy indeed, meaning that purchase is both easy and efficient as you’d hope from the biggest Bitcoin traders online.  Withdrawal and receipt times will vary depending upon your payment method and where you are registered in the world.

While Coinbase PayPal facilities may not exist worldwide yet, you can still be assured of reasonably speedy transfers to and from cards and banks – meaning that you don’t necessarily have to look elsewhere if you prefer the speed of e-wallets.

Bitcoin transfer for US customers is generally instant if you are using a card – while bank transfers can vary depending upon whether or not you have a card also registered to file which can be used to facilitate an ‘Instant Buy’ feature.

This facilitates instant transfer and exchange – which plenty of people are going to be looking for.  European and Canadian purchases and transfers can be quicker – whether instant or within a handful of days depending on the transfer method you choose.  Therefore, you can generally expect to see your Bitcoin return to you within just a few days of your request.

Coinbase exchange rates are competitive and the site remains one of the easiest to use online today – meaning that it is certainly one of the best traders you can buy with if you’re just starting out.  With plenty of options available for seasoned buyers, too, you can be assured of ease of use, speed of purchase and more, without the headaches.

Which coins can I buy?

Using Coinbase you can purchase BitCoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). These are held in your wallet within Coinbase until transferred to another wallet, or ‘sold’ within the platform itself. When you ‘sell’ any of your coins within the app, you’ll have the balance converted into either GBP or EUR and placed within your GBP/EUR wallet on Coinbase.

Methods of Payment

At present, you can purchase of any of their three supported coins using a credit / debit card, or bank transfer. A credit or debit card transaction will be instant but will only allow the purchase of a limited amount. When paying by bank transfer, the transaction will take considerably longer however you’ll be permitted to purchase a much greater amount.

9.7 Total Score

Coinbase is a top favourite site for cryptocurrency. The site offers a number of payment offers and it is great for all buyers.

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  • Great for first time buyers
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