If you are looking for the ultimate trading experience for cryptocurrency, you will definitely be interested in The site offers the best trading experience for new and existing traders.

What is

Despite big changes currently underway on worldwide markets with regard to Cryptocurrencies, there’s still plenty of reason to get involved in a service such as, which is lining itself up as one of the most intriguing and important Forex experts online.

While many people will be mostly interested in the affiliate scheme or the various markets that they can dive into with ease from almost any device, it is getting plenty of attention with regard to its coverage of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto money such as Bitcoin is just one of the few commodities you can trade in here – and while the news regarding a so-called bubble may be putting some buyers off dealing altogether, there’s still every reason to get involved and get yourself a login.

Whether you’re interested in Forex, online trading in general or are simply looking for a decent platform on which to trade cryptocurrencies (and striking while the iron is very hot indeed), review sites elsewhere will advise that this is one of the best opportunities you’ll get online today.

With over 700 markets and a stack of indices, this is an interesting take on online trading which should appeal to newbie traders as much as it will appeal to those who have been on the stock exchange for considerable years.

Pick your currency, choose your markets, and trade wisely – with balance protection in place as a feature you can activate, there’s no need to worry about going in too deep – but at the same time, we trade to profit!

What Can I Buy?

Those traders with a login will not only have wide access to hundreds of different markets, they’ll also be able to trade in some of the most lucrative and popular commodities on the planet.

Whether you’re trading in raw materials, foreign currency or otherwise, there’s plenty of power and options given to you through a wealth of portfolio and account management options.

For most people trading online today, there will be a nugget of interest in cryptocurrency – and, keeping in line with several other leading Forex sites and those offering smooth trading transactions via the web, trading is wide open to some of the newest currencies around.

That means, yes, you can trade in Bitcoin here.  It’s a market which may be grabbing the headlines for various reasons, but you can keep solid reins on your balance and your stock portfolio with a range of intuitive interfaces and more besides.

Ripple and Litecoin are also available for trading here, meaning that you can diversify your portfolio as much as you like – and the Ripple tools are amongst the most helpful online today.

Beyond this, you can of course trade in foreign markets – and you’ll also be able to move into commodities if you so wish.  Want to trade in gold and oil before getting stuck into Ripple?  You’re always free to do so.

How to Use

As with the majority of good forex brokers online, this is a platform that can be easy to get into should you already know a little bit about how trading works.

If you are completely new to the game, however, some review sites claim that the site is one of the easiest to use – meaning that if you are interested in putting on the training wheels for your first stock portfolio, there may be worse options to take.

The app, available to download from the iOS App Store and Google Play, is designed to help introduce mobile trading to a whole new audience – great news for anyone who knows relatively little about how to trade to their advantage.

Trading is encouraged through the app, which does of course encourage users to get into stock portfolios on the go.  Simply download the app for your given device, register for a login and make your minimum deposit – a little more on that shortly.

Once you’ve got money in your account, simply take a look through stock that is available to buy, taking on board any advice that may come your way.

For example, you may be keen to purchase Apple stock – but you’ll need to keep an eye on their public profile and their share prices, which following the success of the iPhone X may be slightly out of reach for some newcomers.  You can also take the opportunity to see how cryptocurrencies are doing – but do buy wisely given recent news.

When you first sign up, do make sure you have relevant ID proof available to submit to the site – as after 15 days, you will not be permitted to trade unless you have offered such documents.

Until you provide such documents, you may find your services temporarily disabled.  Don’t fall into suspension – as with all good trading sites, they’ll require you to be open and honest with them with regards to your data up front.

Maximum and Minimum Deposits

For anyone looking to trade for the first time online, it’s always important to keep abreast of minimum deposit requirements.

As other review sites will agree, the minimum deposit here can be considered fairly reasonable – even though some sites such as are allowing access to complete newcomers for as little as $5 USD, any seasoned trader will be able to tell you that the more money you have available, the better position you will be in to make long-term decisions and to really make a difference to your portfolio.

Certainly, it’s very easy to diversify when you have a nice stack of cash at your disposal.  If you’re serious about trading for long-term profit, then you need to be willing to stake more than pocket money up front!

There doesn’t seem to be a maximum limit set on the site – which is no bad thing, as this can mean that you can invest as much as you want – but do be aware that without an effective demo platform for new traders to cut their teeth on, you’re going to want to take trading here nice and slowly if you’re a complete novice.

Regardless, the friendly app will allow you to pay in and start trading with little in the way of fuss or hassle, meaning that how much you’re willing to put into your trading game is entirely down to you and your own risk management.

Is Secure?

The platform asserts and assures complete security for your money when trading – their own FAQs clearly advise that, as a registered and regulated investment service, all money traded is segregated to ensure that all client funds are kept separate.

Your data is assured to be safe, too, with full safeguarding guaranteed and sharing of data only ever permitted to regulators.  Regulators, too, ensure that the platform has a compensation scheme in place, meaning that it is once again an ideal place for newbie traders to get started.

The added assertion that the site will refrain from selling any of your data onto third parties is a definite plus – as this is not necessarily covered by all forex traders and cryptocurrency specialists.

This means that, on the whole, you can expect to start trading and to build up your first portfolio without fear of losing your grip on any credentials or currencies.  This will of course come of solace to experienced traders, too, who may look for security as the primary asset to any new platform or site they choose.

The iOS app in particular is well worth downloading if security is your major concern – as Apple devices are notably protected against certain intrusions.

How Long Does It Take?

Access to the app certainly makes things efficient for those who are keen to trade on the go, or for those who may be looking for a comfortable and streamlined way to trade – and the best news is, with markets updating overnight on a constant basis, you have complete control of your portfolio and any prospective trades at any given time.

This also means that the process is very speedy indeed. While certain trading in instruments will open at various times, having complete access to foreign markets in the palm of your hand is extremely tempting to many prospective traders.

Withdrawing is extremely speedy providing you are making use of a credit or debit card.  The site and app will transfer money back to you within 24 hours of your request, meaning that you can effectively have the money you’ve traded back within your bank in just a handful of hours.

Do be aware that certain other timescales may apply – if you are using a bank transfer, for example – so do set your expectations.

On the whole, grabbing a login and downloading the app is a great idea of you are just starting out in terms of forex or cryptocurrencies – with plenty of useful tool, management services and more to help you find your way to a diverse portfolio that pays.

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