24 Option allows you to access the financial markets all in one place. You can find Trade Forex and CFDs all on the advance site. With 24Option.com you are able to trade the largest assets within the industry. There are so many options available, you can be sure this is the trading site for you!

What is 24 Option?

24 Option review sites elsewhere will agree with us that the site offers plenty of help and support to those who may be just starting out in the world of binary trading.

The site is at the forefront of trading in various markets, and is even keeping itself at the heart of the game with a handful of apps that you can download and enjoy across phones and tablets.

Mobile trading is becoming more and more commonplace and accepted by even the most ardent of traders – meaning that seeing a big site such as this lead with a mobile app or platform should always be considered a good thing.

There are complaints online regarding a ’24 Option scam’ – however, according to many reputable industry review sites, the idea of such a scam may emanate from a misunderstanding of an opening bonus.

Aiming to lead in online binary trading and even to offer some of the most useful Bitcoin trading tools on the internet full stop, 24 Option bonus deals allow you to claim an extra 50% on top of your first deposit, providing that it comes to at least $2500 USD.

Terms and conditions most certainly apply – and as the idea of a welcome bonus or a bonus structure at all coming into play with trading sites is somewhat unheard of, there’s little wonder that so many people leap into the deal without reading the terms carefully beforehand.

Take it from us – while 24 Option is a reputable source of trading, advice and market analysis, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at the bonus terms before you get involved if you are particularly worried.

Alternatively, you don’t have to take the deposit bonus unless you want to – it’s likely serious traders will want to deposit as highly as $2500 USD – though whether or not you wish to get a little more bang for your buck.

What Can I Buy with 24 Option

24 Option trading is wide open to a vast array of different markets on the foreign exchange, as well as commonly-sought commodities and even crypto money.

Bitcoin is one of the big draws that the platform is leading with right now, meaning that you can effectively purchase Bitcoin in your own chosen home currency in wide amounts.

The markets may be suggesting that change is on the horizon for Bitcoin – but with services such as the 24 Option app still allowing you to freely trade in the currency, it’s hardly surprising that the leading digital money still has plenty of interest.

You can even trade in commodities here – as gold, silver and oil will rarely, if ever, go out of style.

Purchase and sell in a wide range of world currencies and markets, from USD to Australian Dollars, the Euro and British Pound – with further access to the Turkish Lira, Japanese Yen and more if you are interested in diversifying your portfolio even further afield.

This is also a great place to keep an eye on indices such as Dow Jones and the FTSE 100 index, while you can also build up your portfolio with stock from household brands and market leaders such as Apple, Google and British Petroleum.

Certainly, this is an online marketing tool that doesn’t do trading by halves – there’s a ton of options here for you to pick from, and with a friendly interface ready to dive into across the apps available for your chosen device, there’s no reason why you can’t make 24 Option trading work for you in the long run.

It’s always worth taking a look at what’s available to purchase and what is expected from you when you first sign up – and again, you absolutely don’t need to take that bonus credit unless you want it – but do read any terms and conditions that may come attached if it does fly over your radar.

How to Use 24 Option

24 Option account holders can dive into the trading action whenever they want from the comfort of their own mobiles day and night – and as the platform is fully regulated, safety and value are always guaranteed worth each and every visit you make.

You’re able to take advantage of the site at various different membership levels, from Basic right the way up to Platinum and Diamond – though Gold remains the most popular amongst the majority of traders here.

It’s not hard to understand why – each of the levels come with their own perks and specialties, meaning that if you fancy taking advantage of some dedicated trading coaching along the way, you may do well to opt into one of the bigger deals available.

However, providing you meet the minimum deposit amount, you’ll be able to trade and pick and choose from a whole host of portfolio favourites at the Basic level.  Certainly choose whatever’s most convenient and appropriate for your needs and experience level.

The site and app accepts a wide range of different ‘home currencies’ as well as a selection of payment options, meaning that you can effectively mould your experience to your own needs and financial habits.

While most people will start trading with cards or similar due to speedy withdrawal turnaround, you may be enticed to use services such as MoneyBookers or Liberty Reserve instead – and you can always pay in via bank or wire transfer, though this will require you to pay in with at least $1000 USD.

If you’re hoping to make the most of trading long term, this may be a prudent option for you.  Certainly, you can’t expect to trade for life with just a handful of cash in the pot!

Getting used to the 24 Option trading platform is very easy indeed, especially if you are making the most of it from your mobile.

The apps available are fantastic – everything is very quick to access and first time traders or relative green horns will have little difficulty getting started.

Maximum and Minimum Deposits

While the site’s main bonus scheme will require you to pay in a considerable amount if you want to take home at least 50% in additional matching cash, you’ll need to deposit a much lower $250 USD if you want to get started with a Basic account.

This may be higher than some other sites currently aiming to attract first time traders (some of which are merely asking for $5 USD to get started) – but seasoned traders will tell you that long-term success is born out of funding yourself well from the very start.

Don’t chip in the minimum amount if you can afford to really make your trading go places – as you’re protected by plenty here and the more you pay in, the more chance it’ll pay off for you in the long run.  It just makes sense!

You’re permitted to trade in some of the most popular currencies on the market from the off – and then the markets will open up for you from there on in.  It’s worth taking advantage of the brilliant scope on offer here regardless of the currency you use initially.

There doesn’t seem to be a maximum limit in place at present – meaning that there really doesn’t seem to be a restriction on quite how much you can put in or even make in the long term.  It’s always worth taking a close look at the various funding terms as and when you sign up – as this means you can get used to how the platform operates early on.

Is It Secure?

24 Option security is absolutely assured – the site is fully licensed and regulated by their local authority and your money and data is therefore safeguarded at all times.

As an investment firm, you can be assured that trading through the platform is kept above board and in plain sight of the regulator at all times – giving you a little bit of relief if you are particularly worried about just how safe trading online actually is.

Don’t ever be afraid to trade online if you are worried about where your money may go – 24 Option trading is fully regulated and you can take a close look at the site’s various obligations in full view on the main site – there’s absolutely nothing to hide.

Sign up, login and register with your chosen funding method and trade safely – but do know the risks that are involved and keep a close eye on your own capital – trading is not always for the faint of heart!  Seek advice and tutorials if you’re new to online trading and you’ll be well away.

How Long Does It Take?

Withdrawals on-site and via the app are reportedly very speedy indeed – of course, you’ll be able to get money back quicker through card or e-wallet – though do be aware that certain transaction fees may apply.

Webmoney is inarguably the cheapest withdrawal option on the block, with a 0.9% levy applied to each transaction.  Be aware you’ll need to have at least $10 USD to withdraw.

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